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"A Hip-Hop Shape- Shifter"


-    Kristopher Rivera




"Krystall Poppin keeps it poppin' in the Sun City" - CityBeat Magazine


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"The music world needs more Krystall Poppin." - KVIA News


Raw true talent!


Krystall Poppin is a new age American Rapper hailing from El Paso, Texas. Her unique tone and clever rhyme execution has managed to help her stand out from the current state of female rap. Don’t let her attractive look fool you, she has impeccable rap skills and isn’t afraid to attack a beat when necessary. Her music is a mix of a good time and witty lyricism without being over sexualized. People around the country are hooked on watching her as she travels around America in an RV she’s named “The Honey Whip” to collaborate with artists and network with industry professionals. Since moving into her RV full time in 2018, she’s managed to reach amazing milestones in her newly budding career. Some notable events include performing at A3C, SXSW and Neon Desert Music Festivals, collaborating with Jim Johnson in Nashville, completing a 20 city Tour, and opening for Cardi B in El Paso. Krystall Poppin is guaranteed to shape the future of female rap in the years to come.



El Paso Texas. Thats the first thing that needs to be said in my bio because it alone says so much. It tells you where I’m from, what I represent, and tells you so many things about me with just that. I grew up in the central area with my mom, 2 sisters and little brother. I was 6 years old when my father died but I remember a lot about him. I have many many childhood memories. I used to get bullied in school which is pretty common in reality but everyone finds a different way to deal with it. That’s how I started writing poems. It allowed me to forget any negative situation I may have been going through and eventually I started doing it for fun. When I was in high school, I realized that I could turn my poems into raps if I put them over a beat. I started rapping at parties and kickbacks with my friends and one day one of them invited me to their “studio”. I went and I was hooked. I knew that its what I wanted to do. Make music. I was introduced to a producer by the name of Cas who I started working with on a regular basis. He introduced me to the LFDC guys where I automatically fell into place. They had the energy and talent that I needed to surround myself with and they quickly became my friends. Professionally, I’ve only been doing this for a little over a year. I’ve been in a lot of studios with a lot of great people. I decided I needed to work on music full-time so I quit my job and moved to Vegas to work closely with my manager, DS Junior, and get things going. I have been working hard on my album that dropped in March of 2016. I spend as much time as I can promoting it and performing on stage because thats what I love to do! I feel alive when I’m on stage. But when I truly live is after my shows when often someone will tell me that I’ve inspired them. That they love my music. That’s when I know I’m doing the right thing. Thats when I know that I can’t stop.


2/21 - Hobbs, NM

2/22 - Amarillo, TX.

2/23 - Liberal, KS

2/28 - San Marcos, TX

3/1 - Odessa, TX

3/7 - El Paso, TX
3/8 - Santa Fe, NM
3/9 - San Angelo, TX

3/14 - Fort Collins, CO
3/15 - Denver, CO
3/22 - Bellingham, WA
3/28 - Wichita, KS
3/29 - Kansas City, KS 
3/30 - Hutchison, KS
3/31 - Topeka, KS 
4/5 - Oklahoma City, OK
4/6 - Omaha, NE 
4/13 - Dallas, TX  

4/20 - El Paso, TX - 420 Springfest/Danileigh
5/5 - 
Lubbock TX

5/9 - Austin, TX

5/10 - Amarillo, TX

5/21 - El Paso - Cardi B